Sales Planning & Analysis Manager

Demand and Supply Management

Toyota Motor North America

Reiko Hasegawa


Q1. 現在はどのようなお仕事をされていますか?

What is your occupation? 



I’m a manager in the department Demand & Supply Management in a automotive company. I’ve worked in production planning, project planning and management, and global sales planning. My current jobs are system project management, new model demand study, and so on.

Q2. お仕事でやりがいを感じるのはどのような時ですか?

       What is the most rewarding part of your work?




When problems occur that cannot be resolved with my normal process, I work with related members for confirmation, coordination, and countermeasure development.  I feel satisfied when the problems get resolved.  I’m also pleased when I can leave something, like a new procedure or a checking tool to deal with future issues.     

Q3. 逆にお仕事で大変だと感じるのはどのような時ですか?

       On the other hand, what are the difficult parts of your work?



My job is naturally difficult when roles & responsibilities are not clear, or the process is undefined.  I was assigned to develop export business planning approval in North America and wanted to understand how it was done in Japan.  The person who had the task in Japan did not know the detailed process or the background, so I had to search for information from scratch.  I was able to establish a new process for business cases and gain consensus with related groups after understanding the overall process by interviewing other people who may have known something that related to the subject.  It was a sort of minor field that very few people knew the history of or the entire process.  Gathering information was the toughest thing for this project.  I was able to complete the task by using a step-by-step approach with perseverance. 

Q4. これから仕事面、プライベートどちらでも何かチャレンジしたいことはありますか?

       Is there something new that you would like to try, either for your work or private life?



I would like to learn Spanish.  I’m living in Texas, so it can be more useful here.  And it will be fun to have more travel destinations where I can communicate in their native language. 

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