Food Company in Singapore
Miyuki Tajima

Q1. 現在はどのようなお仕事をされていますか?

What is your occupation? 



I manage Japanese restaurants and supermarkets in Singapore.  We import food from Japan as well as sell merchandise in an online store. 

Q2. お仕事でやりがいを感じるのはどのような時ですか?

       What is the most rewarding part of your work?




I like interacting with people and feel happy when I am able to sell merchandise after developing it with Japanese sellers.  I also feel encouraged to see customers enjoying our food at restaurants.  I believe I am a bridge between Japanese food producers and customers in Singapore, so it satisfies me to see my efforts pay off.

Q3. 逆にお仕事で大変だと感じるのはどのような時ですか?

       On the other hand, what are the difficult parts of your work?



I feel it is a bit of challenge to make customers in Singapore understand the thoughts and feelings of Japanese producers. On the other hand, it is also difficult to make Japanese producers understand trends in Singapore because Japan and Singapore have very different locations and culture, as well as a different taste for food.

Q4. これから仕事面、プライベートどちらでも何かチャレンジしたいことはありますか?

       Is there something new that you would like to try, either for your work or private life?



I am in charge of management as a director.  I would like to start a company that focuses on local merchandise in Singapore to promote sales to local people.