"Let all Japanese working women shine from Dallas to the globe - Network, Inspire, and Empower"

DJCWは、2018年にYuko KitamuraとHoshi Brooksの2名の日本人女性によって設立された、501 (c) (3) NPO法人です。テキサス州ダラスを拠点として、ダラスそして世界で働く日本人女性へ相互交流の場を提供しエンパワメントに寄与することで、全ての女性が自分らしく輝ける環境を築くことを目標としています。


DJCW (Dallas Japanese Career Women) is 501 (c) (3) registered non-profit organization which was founded by two inspiring Japan working women: Yuko Kitamura & Hoshi Brooks in 2018.  DJCW is based in Dallas, Texas and always looks for opportunities to make every Japanese working woman grow and shine by providing encouraging, caring, and inspiring experiences in Dallas area as well as in the world . 

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DJCW Committee Members

Meet The Team


Hoshi Brooks

Vice President and Secretary

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Hoshi (Hoshiko) has been living in Dallas, Texas since 2003.  She graduated from a university in North West part of the US.  While she works at US company, she co-founded DJCW in 2018 with Yuko Kitamura.  She is responsible for setting up the direction of the organization, planning events and co-writes monthly article to local Japanese newspaper.  When you do not see her at work or DJCW, she enjoys running outside, playing piano and spending time with her family; kindergarten daughter, husband and 9 years old dog.    


Yuko Kitamura


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1999年にルイジアナ州での留学を修了し、現在はテキサス州ダラスの日系企業で勤務。その傍らで「ダラスで働く日本人女性を応援しネットワークを広げる会がほしい」と思い立ち、2018年にブルックス星子とDJCWを設立。働く女性達をサポートすべく日々精力的に活動している。趣味はヨガ、エレクトーン、夫と二人での旅行など。好きなフレーズは "Ladies, be ambitious!"


Yuko spent time in Louisiana to finish her master’s degree and moved to Dallas TX in 1999.  Since then she has been in Dallas and working for a Japanese company.  In 2018, Yuko co-founded DJCW with Hoshiko Brooks with a strong passion and an insatiable desire to support Japanese women working in the DFW area.  She likes yoga, Electone (the electric keyboard), traveling with her husband.  Her favorite phrase is “Ladies, be ambitious!”

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Akemi Yamashita

Treasurer and Accountant

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兵庫県西宮市生まれ。1985年に米国に移住。テキサス州DFW地区に1995年より在住。25年間Accountantとして営利、非営利団体の経理/税務を担当した後、2019年3月に退職。茶道歴40余年を生かし、現在は裏千家茶道の指導とデモンストレーションを通し地域社会への日本文化と精神の紹介に従事 。2018年よりDJCWに参加し、現在はTreasurerとして経理全般と税務業務を担当。

Akemi was born in Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan.  She moved to the U.S in 1985 and living in DFW area since 1995.  She has worked as a Financial and/or Tax Accountant for Commercial and Non-Profit organizations for 25 years.  She retired from full-time employment in March 2019.  With 40+ years of experience in Uraseke Chado, Japanese Tea Ceremony-Urasenke Style, she is currently introducing Japanese culture and spirituality through instruction and demonstration of Urasenke Chado.  Akemi joined DJCW in 2018.  She is now fulfilling accounting and tax related matters as Treasurer of DJCW.

Noriko Nakane Dnh.jpg

Noriko Nakane Danh 

Director of Working


Mothers' Group


Noriko is a seasoned Realtor proudly serving commercial and residential clients in DFW.  She has been living in the US for over 25 years, including Dallas since 2015, Seattle, San Jose, Chicago and Norman, OK, where she graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a double major in International Business and Marketing.  She also dedicates her spare time to introduce Japanese culture as a part-time staff at Japan-America Society of Dallas Fort Worth.  She is married to her college sweetheart and has two wonderful daughters, 11 and 6 years old, who love dancing.


Anita Fujii

Director of Public Relations

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Anita lives in a suburb of Dallas, Texas since 1997.  She earned her Master's degree at a university in East coast and has lived in 7 different states from East to West coasts including Mid-West. She is working for a Japanese company and is holding a Director of Public Relations role at DJCW since May,2020.  She likes to travel, listen to classical music, enjoys wine and Sake tasting, and practices Japanese tea ceremony.  Anita and her husband have two children and a dog.  Her daughter is a college student and her son is a high school student.  Her words of wisdom is “Walk the walk instead of talking the talk.”